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The Dales surrounding The Great Wyrm Lake have fallen into civil war as faction fights against faction in a futile attempt to dominate the land and the Draconic Wizard Rossygnul, an unfortunately forgotten threat amidst the din of the squabbling, has not let this opportunity go unnoticed.

Now, Rossygnul's Army stands ready to march upon The Dales and take another land for The Regime.

The Dales of The Great Wyrm Lake, a gritty setting built on Greg Schulze's D10-based Pentra System, allows you to use combinations of Talents and Aptitudes to create a character with abilities tailored to your exact desires.

Take charge of a member of one of six Races in an attempt to push-back the Wizard Rossygnul's influence and save The Dales from foreign invasion as well as from their own chaotic politics.

  • Dwarves, stocky and wise with a talent for Wyrm Magic
  • Elves, tall and slender with long lives and a natural capacity for Psi powers
  • Gnomes, short natives of the Island of Lyconshire in the heart of the Great Wyrm Lake with a talent for seafaring
  • Humans, natives of the lowlands and adaptable survivors
  • Half-Dwarves, a hybrid race with the height of their Human heritage and the heavy musculature of their Dwarven kin possessing a combination of adaptability and Wyrm Magic talent.
  • Half-Elves, a hybrid race possessing Human tenacity and Elven Psi ability.