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We keep our crew intentionally basic with only as many people as we need, but our crewmembers are far from basic

Writer, lifelong student, indie enthusiast, and eternal amateur
With a dabbler's experience in a variety of tabletop RPG's, mini wargames, and videogames of all genres, Stone brings a diverse knowledge to the design team as well as a solid business understanding, if one crafted by indie culture and intentionally tossing aside classical economic wisdom, and unflappable enthusiasm tempered with general pessimism.

You can find Stone on Twitter and Instagram almost constantly with his handcrafts and quippy, curmudgeony thoughts:

And archiving his Twitch gaming and crafting streams on YouTube:
MakeSomethingEveryDamnDay (Twitch)
PlaySomethingEveryDamnDay (YouTube Archive)

And sharing info on all of his latest projects, plans, and other on YouTube:
BoredLazyGenius (YouTube)

Writer, tactical gamer, design artist
With thirty years worth of D&D GMing under his belt and the occasional experience with a variety of tabletop RPG's and tactical boardgames, Greg provides the design team with a deep knowledge of game mechanics as well as solid design skills and an understanding of basic child psychology that can only be granted by practical experience.

A dedicated offliner, you can't really find Greg anywhere but in the real world