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Greg Schulze

Gnomes are an uncommon race of short, often bearded (for males) people from the Isles of Lynconshire in the heart of The Great Wyrm Lake. What a gnome lacks in size he make up in talent and luck. Gnomes feel most comfortable in the safety of their own homes, but many a gnome that wishes for a bit of excitement becomes a sailor, taking cargo by boat to and from the various ports and harbors that dot the shores of the lake. Those rare gnomes who seek danger and excitement take up the sword or axe (albeit a short one) and leave the safe confines of their island for The Dales and beyond.

Gnomes have the following special abilities:
• Gnomes are literate in Gnomish.
• Gnomes cannot use two-handed melee weapons as they are too large to wield.
• Once per adventure, a gnome can gain advantage on any one path roll.
• Once per adventure, a gnome can use any card in his hand as a trump card of any suit.

Humans are the most common race in The Dales, and make up nearly half of all the people in The Great Wyrm Lake region. Humans excel at whatever tasks they choose to undertake, as their persistence to achieve their goals is second to none, and their capability to find ways to achieve those goals have no end. Their reliance on the self makes humans excellent survivalists, able to eke out a living wherever they may be, whether it be city or wilderness. When a human makes up his mind to obtain an objective, it is best for others to either help out or get out of the way.

Humans have the following special abilities:
• Humans are literate in Human.
• Humans have a rank 3 Path and two rank 2 paths. Humans do not have a rank 1 path.
• Once per encounter, a human can gain advantage on any one aptitude check or attack roll.

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