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Greg Schulze

A path is like a profession, with a set of abilities that have a common theme. Each path specializes in a certain area, such as aptitude use, weapon proficiency, healing, telepathy, or fire magic. Each character chooses three paths, and ranks them 3, 2, and 1, with 3 being the path the character is best at. As a character gains levels, he chooses more powerful powers for any of his paths.

Most paths have powers. A power is any ability that a character can do that can affect himself or another creature, such as an ally or an enemy. Powers can be either used once per encounter, once per combat encounter, once after a combat encounter, or once per adventure. On his turn each character receives three actions: a free action, a move action, and an attack action. Each power takes up one of these actions. Some powers have the action of interrupt, which can be used any time other than on the character’s turn, as interrupt powers have a trigger which allows them to be used.

There are three sets of paths: Common, Psi, and Wyrm Magic. Each set of paths has 9 paths associated with it, giving players the options to choose from 27 paths when creating their character, giving a player 2,925 possible path combinations for their character.

Common Paths
Either trained in the military, schooled by a guild, studied under a mentor, or self taught, the Common Paths form the fundamental skills of an adventurer.

Psi Paths
A student of an elven guild or naturally adept with the power of the mind, the Psi Paths can enhance the self and wield these mental powers against others.

Wyrm Magic Paths
Gifted by the Dragon Lords or taught by accomplished mages, the Wyrm Magic Paths use the power of the Dragon Lords and even the power of nature itself to achieve amazing effects.

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