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Greg Schulze

We at Creepy Assassin had our first beta playtest of The Dales of The Great Wyrm Lake with the Pentra d10 system, and it went well. Chris Rosenberg, Andrew Schulze (my son), and Wendy Schulze (my wife) all participated in what will be the 1st level adventure for The Dales setting when the game releases. Only a few minor tweaks were needed, which is why we playtest. And we plan on doing another playtest soon with 3rd level characters.

And on to the final sneak peek for Psi Paths.

A student of an elven guild or naturally adept with the power of the mind, the Psi Paths can enhance the self and wield these mental powers against others.

The following are the final three of nine Psi Paths, with the powers listed for each Path, the type of action needed to use the power, and a description of the power, including how often a character can use the power.

Always on guard and willing to sacrifice himself for his allies, a Sentinel is nearly impossible to keep from fighting on.
Biofeedback (interrupt): Once per encounter, when an ally of the Sentinel takes damage, the Sentinel takes half the damage instead (rounded down) and the ally takes none.
Danger Sense (free): Once per encounter, a Sentinel can increase his Defense by his rank against the next attack against him.

By manipulating the enigmatic energies of shadow, a Shade uses its dark power to inflict chilling fear on his enemies.
Cloak of Shadows (free): Once per adventure, a Shade can surround himself with a Cloak of Shadows that lasts for the entire encounter. Any creature which makes a ranged attack against the Shade takes a penalty to the attack equal to the Shade’s rank.
Shadow Storm (attack): Once per encounter, a Shade can make a ranged attack against a number of creatures equal to his rank. The Shade adds his rank to the attack roll and the Shadow Storm attack inflicts 1d10 + rank cold or psychic damage.

Controlling minds and damaging the psyche of others make a Telepath’s power highly intrusive and greatly feared.
Mindlink (free): Once per encounter, a Telepath can communicate telepathically 10 words or less to one creature he can see. The creature gains a +1 bonus on its next aptitude check or attack roll.
Mind Strike (attack): Once per encounter, a Telepath can make a melee or ranged attack against one creature. The Telepath adds his rank to the attack roll and the Mind Strike attack inflicts 1d10 + rank psychic damage and the creature gains disadvantage on its next damage roll.

The next sneak peek will be about the first three Wyrm Magic Paths: the Acidic Adept, Animist, and Elementist. Remember to check out our latest The Anarch release, A Journey of Hope, and look for our upcoming releases this spring.