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Greg Schulze

Gifted by the Dragon Lords or taught by accomplished mages, the Wyrm Magic Paths use the power of the Dragon Lords and even the power of nature itself to achieve amazing effects.

The following are the second three of nine Wyrm Magic Paths, with the powers listed for each Path, the type of action needed to use the power, and a description of the power, including how often a character can use the power.

Fire, being the most known and feared energy, is the tool of the Flamecaller and many run from his power.
Flame Burst (attack): Once per encounter, a Flamecaller can make a melee attack against two creatures adjacent to him. The Flamecaller adds his rank to the attack roll and the Flame Burst attack inflicts 1d10 + rank fire damage.
Flame Shroud (free): Once per adventure, a Flamecaller can surround himself with a shroud of fire that lasts for the entire encounter. Any creature which starts or ends its turn adjacent to the Flamecaller takes fire damage equal to the Flamecaller’s rank.

Through pacts with less than savory entities such as demons, the Hexer gains his power to curse others.
Eldritch Blast (attack): Once per encounter, a Hexer can make a melee or ranged attack against one creature. The Hexer adds his rank to the attack roll and the Eldritch Blast attack inflicts 1d10 + rank damage and the creature takes a -2 penalty on its next damage roll. The Hexer chooses the damage type, which is either fire, necrotic, or psychic.
Hex (free): Once per encounter, if a Hexer reduces a creature’s Life Points or Psychic Points to 0 or less, he gains advantage on any one die roll during his next turn.

By manipulating light and infiltrating the minds of others with false images, the Imagist confuses his enemy with what is real and what is not.
Invisibility (interrupt): Once per adventure, when a creature attacks the Imagist, the creature gains disadvantage on the attack roll and the Imagist is invisible and cannot be seen until the beginning of his next turn.
Luring Illusion (attack): Once per encounter, an Imagist can make a ranged attack against one creature. The Imagist adds his rank to the attack roll and the Luring Illusion attack inflicts 1d10 + rank psychic damage and the creature is moved up to 2 squares.

The next sneak peek will be about the last three Wyrm Magic Paths: the Necrist, Priest, and Storm Mage. Remember to check out our latest The Anarch release, A Journey of Hope, and look for our upcoming release of the Beta Version of The Dales coming out Labor Day weekend.