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Greg Schulze

Gifted by the Dragon Lords or taught by accomplished mages, the Wyrm Magic Paths use the power of the Dragon Lords and even the power of nature itself to achieve amazing effects.

The following are the final three of nine Wyrm Magic Paths, with the powers listed for each Path, the type of action needed to use the power, and a description of the power, including how often a character can use the power.

By controlling the energies of life and death, the Necrist can weaken and paralyze others.
Cause Fear (interrupt): Once per encounter, when a creature attacks the Necrist, the creature is moved up to its speed after the attack.
Necrotic Finger (attack): Once per encounter, a Necrist can make a melee or ranged attack against one creature. The Necrist adds his rank to the attack roll and the Necrotic Finger attack inflicts 1d10 + rank necrotic damage and the creature takes a -1 penalty on its next damage roll. On the Necrist’s next turn, the creature takes necrotic damage equal to the Necrist’s rank.

A defender of life, a Priest takes up the lofty mantle of destroying the undead.
A Priest can use light melee weapons without penalty.
A Priest can use light, medium, and heavy armor without penalty.
Cure Wounds (free): Once per combat encounter, a Priest can heal himself or one creature 1d10 + rank Life Points.
Undead Blast (attack): Once per encounter, a Priest can make a melee or ranged attack against one undead creature. The Priest adds his rank to the attack roll and the Undead Blast attack inflicts 1d10 + rank damage and the undead creature is moved up to 2 squares.

Storm Mage
Mastering lightning and thunder are a Storm Mage’s expertise and then using these energies with electrifying results against his enemies is his goal.
Lightning Bolt (attack): Once per encounter, a Storm Mage can make a ranged attack against two creatures. The Storm Mage adds his rank to the attack roll and the Lightning Bolt attack inflicts 1d10 + rank electricity or thunder damage.
Storm Surge (free): Once per adventure, a Storm Mage can surround himself with a sphere of lightning that lasts for the entire encounter. Any creature which attacks the Storm Mage takes electricity or thunder damage equal to the Storm Mage’s rank.

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